Never Been The Same

by WDY

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My second album (LP) titled, Never Been The Same. This record has been my proudest piece of music that I have created, produced, or released since I started making music in late 2011. The album goes through an array of emotions through carefully crafted soundscapes that took the better part of 10 months to create.

A couple of reasons why I'm so proud of this project is because, for one, I spent a lot of time actually producing the album. When I started creating the album and hearing some of these samples and melodies, I knew the way/how I wanted them to sound, while not ruining the continuous flow of the record.

The second reason why i'm so proud of this album is because it's not just an album, it's an experience. Another one of the ideas I had for creating this project was to create not just a new, different sounding album, but also to create an album that offered more than just new sonics. I wanted to create a short film for the album so that people can not only experience the project sonically, but also visually, enhancing the experience of the project (more info on the NBTS short film to come soon).

For me though, an album and a video weren't enough. So what could I have also done? I wrote an essay that explains to you exactly what feelings I was going through on certain tracks, and what it was like to create this album. It was more than just music, and for me, it's a very personal record.

I know this album won't be for everyone, but have you ever met someone who truly likes every genre of music? If you like the album and download it, I can't tell you how much it means. Your support is what drives me everyday to create music. If you don't like it, i'm sorry, it just wasn't made for you. If you don't know what the hell you are hearing, that's good. This music isn't meant to be understood the first time you listen to it. If it was, then it wouldn't be very good and you probably won't play it a month from now.

So go on. Listen if you want. Download if you like. Skip if you may. But I will never stop chasing my dreams, and I will always create the music that I love to create!

Be free, and live.

Never Been The Same Essay: coming soon!

Never Been The Same track list:
1. Never Been
2. Burlington
3. Interlude
4. Already Home
5. Godspeed You
6. Hold On
7. The Same
8. Good To Know You

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released July 14, 2014



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WDY Vermont

23 year old artist from Vermont that creates music like none other.

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